Sanju Bishowkarma, the girl who was living in children home earlier and gone to live with her brother last year has returned back in children home again.  Her brother, who has two wives couldn’t manage to shelter her in the family. Due to continuous debate among her sisters in law and brother himself, she had no environment to live and study.  Mr. Neel Bahadur Shahi (President) noticed sanju was depressed.  To find the fact he asked what was the problem? Sanju sadly replies, “My two sisters in law always fight over a small matter blaming each other (sometimes myself) for mistakes and brother couldn’t do anything, he is unable to take care of his wives, how could care me?”  We are sorry for her problems but are very dedicated to provide her a better opportunity to become a well-educated citizen.  With the combined effort of all of us we are dedicated to make her future bright.  We are always there for the children in the hard times.




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