Scholarship Distributed

(June 2011)  The second annual Educational Scholarship has been awarded to the students from 10 different community schools. The scholarship materials covers one school bag, notebooks, stationeries, one set of uniforms, school fees and admission charges and cash of Rs700/- (seven hundred rupees) each to the 33 students from 10 community schools. Continuing with the students of last year school, Golmeshori Lower Secondary School and Jayebageshori Secondary School are the new schools coming under our scholarship support program for the year 2011. Out of the 10 schools Jayabageshori Secondary school was not present on the occasion and 28 students out of 30 were there to take their scholarships. This scholarship continues every year for the students studying up to class ten if all of the scholarship criteria are meet. We hope the students we are supporting will secure good and progressive marks on every exam they appear and that is one conditions among other for continuing their scholarships. The scholarship (complete educational Scholarship for students studying in community school) costs per students is around Rs 4600/- (US $66/-). This would help students from very poor family who don’t have enough food to get wisdom in life with the light of EDUCATION. We are sure every little contribution is a great help putting together and would request your assistance for providing scholarship to one student.


महिला स्वास्थ शिवीर सम्पन्न

(June 6-9, 2011)  टिम नेपालको आयोजना तथा ह्योल्मो सिन्धु मेलम्ची उपत्यका सामाजिक उत्थान कार्यक्रम सन्चालन समिती (ह्योसिमेस) र मनमोहन मेमोरियल अस्पतालको सहयोगमा सिन्धुपाल्चोक जिल्लाको ग्रामिण भेगमा पहिलोपटक नि:शुल्क रुपमा महिला स्वास्थ शिवर सम्पन्न भएको छ। जिल्लाको तालामाराङ स्थित श्री तेर्से माध्यमिक विध्यालय र पाल्चोक स्थित श्री जयबागेश्वरी माध्यमिक विध्यालयमा सन्चालीत चार दिने उक्त शिवीरमा १९५२ जना महिला, पुरष तथा बालवालीका हरुले सेवा लिएका छन् । आसपासका करिब ७ गा.वि.स.का महिला स्वास्थ स्वयंसेविकाहरु मार्फत विरामीहरुलाई घर-घरै दर्ता गरिएको उक्त शिविरमा मेलम्ची, ज्यामिरे, बरुवा, बाँसखर्क र थाङपालधाप गा.वि.स. समेत बाट धेरै विरामी उपचारको लागी सहभागी भएका थिए। मनमोहन अस्पतालले ९ जनाको मेडीकल टोलि र उपकरणहरु समेत सहयोग गरेको उक्त शिविरमा ह्योसिमेसले नगद एकलाख रुपयाँ र तालामाराङ देखी पाल्चोक सम्मको दुई तर्फी यातायातको व्यवस्था गरेको थियो। १६५६ जना महिला, १७४ पुरुष, १०२ वालिका र २० बालकको उपचार गरिएको उक्त शिवीरमा जम्मा खर्च ३०६४६१- भएको छ।

Women Health Camp Succeeds

(June 6-9, 2011)  Four days intensive Free Health Camp on Women health has successfully completed. The camp was organized to provide the health services and awareness to the women of rural village. The patients were very much satisfied with the treatment they got from the qualified doctors and international volunteers of TEAM Nepal. The patients were registered in their home with the help of local health worker staff in seven surrounding V.D.Cs. Apart from those villages many people from Melamchi, Jyamire, Banshkharka, Baruwa and Thangpaldhap were also also present for their treatment. The camp was organized by TEAM Nepal with the assistance of Manamohan Memorial Hospital and Hyalmo Sindhu Melamchi Upatyeka Samajik Utthan Karyekram Sanchalan Samiti (HYOSIMOSA). Dr. Arunmani Dixit of Manamohan Memorial Hospital has said the public has got a quality service as in a Privet Hospital of Kathmandu. He added these kinds of service will help village women to be aware about their own health. Such camp plays important role to reduce the uterine prolapse and other medical problems of the rural people. The President of the organizer Neel Bahadur Shahi said more and more effective programs to make people aware about their hidden dieses will be carried out. The entire program which cost Rs 306461/- was partnered by HYOSIMESA with the financial assistance of Rs 100000/- (one hundred thousands) and 2 way transportation from Talamarang to Palchock to the medical team and Manamohan Memorial Hospital has provided the medical instruments and Doctors TEAM of 9 for free. The totals of 1952 patients were checked in the 4 days camp help in Talamarang and Palchock. Among those checked 1656 were women, 174 Man, 102 Grils and 20 were boys. Majority of the women was having different levels of uterine prolapsed which was treated and given medicines. Some cases was referred to Manamohan Hospital in Kathmandu.

Effectiveness of the Program

Four days intensive health camp organized by TEAM Nepal has benefited directly to 1952 patients from many villages. The most effective part of the camp was to make treatment to the patients and providing them the health awareness and knowledge about importance of medication. It cost little more than three hundred thousand rupees where as the actual benefits were more than Rs 6832000/-. When a person has to make the same treatment in Kathmandu they should at least spend three days of time and about 3500 rupees. Counting everything together the sum of the treatment we made is just around 4.5 % of the individual cost they would have to spend getting treatment in Kathmandu. This way it is very much cost effective.


Donate for Women Health Camp

(May  2011)  TEAM Nepal is organizing four days  intensive Women’s Health Camp in two different places of Sindhupalchock District.  We are just a little bit far from making this endeavor.  We are waiting for someone who wish to donate this amount for a great purpose.    Any size or the part of donations are warmly welcomed.

Total Budget

Particulars Amount (US$) Remarks
Total Budget 9965
Less: Manamohan Memorial Hospital 1815 MMH is providing us a group of 15 member doctor’s TEAM and medical instruments for free.
Balance 8150 Budget after deducting Manamohan Memorial Hospital’s contribution.
Less: Project Partner’s Contribution (50%) 4075 Our working partner HOSIMESHA is bearing 50% of the cost of the camp.
Balance:TEAM Nepal’s Contribution 4075 TEAM Nepal has to contribute this amount for the Health Camp.
Less:  Confirmed by Kira Kay 1429 Kira Kay from Australia has the commitment for Nrs 100000/-
Less: Confirmed by Alain Griet 715 French Businessman Alain has committed for this donation.
Deficit on Budget(Donation Required) 1931 Paid by Alan, Judith and Family (Earth Garden, Australia)


Result Published

(May 2011)  The final result of the children in child home has been published; all of the children have passed their exams.  One of them secured first position in their class, two of them secured second position and one became third in the class.   The significant improvements has been done by Sukumaya Tamang despite her sickness during the time.  She was the student in the beginning failed in 5 subjects out of 7.  Then she has made the whole story opposite with the continuous and hard studying.  Pasang, Krishna, Sanju and Rubi are the proud of the childhome because of their gradual improvements in studies.  Apart from that all other children are much better then they were in the beginning.

TEAM Nepal wants to congratulate all of them for the great result.  Following are their positions and the level of their studies.

S. No Name Roll No Class
1 Sanchamaya Tamang 7 1
2 Sanjay Giri 11 1
3 Jamuna Bhujel 9 3
4 Ganga Bhujel 11 3
5 Rubi  Bhandari 4 2
6 Pasang Tamang 1 5
7 Krishna Tamang 2 3
8 Sanju Bi.Ka. 2 6
9 Sukumaya Tamang 3 7
10 Suresh Tamang 10 9


Women’s Health Camp

(April 2011)

Area: Sindhupalchock District (About 85 Kms from Kathmandu, north east)
Location: Talamarang Bazar and Jayebageshori Secondary School, Palchock (This area is about 85 kilometers from Kathmandu on the North-East Himalaya. The local populace consists of majority of Tamang People who mostly depend on farming and low category foreign employment, as such due to famine and other factors they cannot afford basic medical treatment.)
Background: The average health services access rate of the country is only 15% and the women’s rate is even lower. Reproductive and maternal health is of particular concern among Nepali women. In rural Nepal, the key role of a woman is bearing children, particularly sons. Early and excessive childbearing weakens women, many of whom die or are chronically disabled from complications of pregnancy. It is not uncommon for Nepali women to experience a prolapsed uterus following birth. The prolapse is often due to recommencing, too soon, the expected workload, which is demanding and strenuous. Often, the prolapse remains untreated for an extended amount of time. Pregnancy is taken as a natural process and God’s gift for which medical care is regarded as unnecessary. In fact, the Human Development Report (1996) reported that only 6% of births are attended by trained personnel. They have been hiding these problems from family or even husband for long time, thus we are united to organize specialized health camp on women.
Target: 4000 Nos
Date: Jun 6-9, 2011 (सोमबार, २३ जेष्ठ देखी २६ जेष्ठ २०६८ सम्म)
Medical Services: General gynecology and any women’s dieses, General Medicine Consultancy Service for Female.
Doctors: 3 to 4
Helping Staff/Nurse: 10
Volunteers: 10
Local Populace: 2 Volunteers, Furniture, Rooms & Local Accessories.
Beneficiaries: At least 4000 people and 1000 affected women shall benefit from the FREE medical treatment and medicine. Serious cases shall be referred to the Manamohan Memorial Hospital.

Sukumaya Update !

(March 2011)  The child home girl (Sukumaya Tamang) who was believed to have been affected with the forest shaman is almost fine now. It has been understood that her main problem was kind of depression. Since she grows older she started to think a lot of things about the life after child home and family may be even the marrying and so many others. Once when Neel had asked her to write about anything she like, she chooses to write the reminder of her passed mother; she was missing her mother very much and had a long story to tell about. We were observing her since long time and every time we see her, her face was not smiling she was unable to open up herself with the rest of the world. She was not curing who is really loving and curing her in absence of her mother. She was almost the victim of depression. We believe and very much sure that this is why she was behaving strange sometime. Now, since Neel and her wife assured for her better future, job and convinced her other mental ways, she was active and also worried about Laxmi, (house mother). She was worried for Laxmi having a lot of works to do and wanted to go back soon to help her in home. Now she has returned home with some herbal medicines and good expectations in mind for the future. Since sita is in Kathmandu for her computer and other class, laxmi has additional responsibility in the home.


Little Friends

(Dec 2010) A new network among the Nepalese and Irish children is on its way to develop. With the initiation of Irish organization DRAIOCHT and the TEAM Nepal volunteers from Ireland, we are going to work together to establish a child network where school children from both the countries would share their thoughts, culture and the feelings being on their land. We have begun the exchange of letters from 48 Irish children and equal number of respective Nepalese counterparts. We are going to offer different children from different community schools to establish the friendship. Ten children are selected for Little Angel’s Children Home and the rest from schools with in our projects. We hope this would help in the good way for those children and would be the best way of cultural exchange and have more knowledge of different traditions each other.


Painted and Perfect Child Home

(Oct 2010)  A complete and different looks has been given to the child home environment with the letters, numbers and figures painted on its wall. The outer passage wall is now painted with the Nepali and English letters, Numbers, days, months and so on where the children can learn; looking at them during when they play. And it’s representing that the home has a good study environment. With new looks to the home children feel more relaxed and they feel proud on those paintings. Some of them are even interested for painting is same way. The home staff has managed for the complete writing on the home and they seems happy to have more authority and responsibility as well.

Scholarship Distributed

(June 2010)  This is a great news for all of you that from the Year 2010 , we have started a new program to provide complete educational scholarships to the disadvataed children of different schools and parts of sindhupalchock. The program will be directly beneficial for 27 children of seven different community schools in and around Talamarang VDC. This Scholarship program is completely material based program, so there will not be any provision of providing direct financial assistance. We will be providing them the bags, books, stationeries, text books, School Fees, Uniforms and other educational materials as needed.Special program was organized on 3rd of June 2010, to distribute the scholarships to seven different schools in Terse Secondary School. The Scholar students were present with the representatives from all those schools. Irish Volunteers and the Advisor of TEAM Nepal from Ireland Milanie Hennessy were also present on the occasion. President Neel bahadur shahi has asked the children to be success in their own classes and take initiative in developing their society. The program was also addressed by the Merlanie Hennessy and the Principal of the Terse School. We hope to continue and extend this program in the coming years.

Solar Panel Installed

(Feb 2010)  We feel very nice to let you know that we have done many thing is the children’s home in Talamarang. The greatest of them is that we have installed Solar Pannel and Inverter system so that there will be no problem of the power cut off and all. Similarly two toilet and bathroom was already constructed and we have recently completed making the playgrounds beside the home and a small home for the goats on the left front side of the home. We have made furniture one each on the sides of the main door, where the children can sit and study and front ground of home is filled with a sand and stones and there will be a set of chairs each with an umbrella on both sides. The way to home now is more nicer we don’t need to walk all the way through the muddy roads anymore, we have constructed a separate walking path. We have also send a old computer donated by Sunil Rajkarnikar to the home so that both the children and staff can learn to use it. Please visit the gallery to view the pictures.

Two Became First in Their Class

(April 2010)  A good news to share among all of our partnwes and helping individuals that two of t he boys has secred first position in theirrespective final exam result. Those lucky guys were Pasang and Krishna Tamang, who has secured the positio with 89% and 86 % respectively. Overall result of the home also was very nice with 100% passing result. Apart from the two boys who secured 1st position, Sanju Bisowkarma has secured 4th in the class, similarly Sukumaya Tamang was 5th, Jamuna Gharti(Bujel) was 6th and Suresh Tamang was 8th in their class. Two of the other boys was passed only. Similarly other biy studyig with the scholarship in Kathmandu has also passed in his final exam of 9th grade.
The result made the entire TEAM very happy and more dedicated for the job. This was a big progress of all of those children from the beginning result of being fail in most of the subjects. Thanks and congratulations to all of the staffs and the TEAM members who has contributed to make this success.

New Home Rented

(April 2010)  TEAM Nepal has recently made an agreement for the new home which will be used for the Office works and to accomodate volunteers. Apart from that the three stories recently constructed building will be used for mashroom and chicken farm. The agreemenr is made for 10 years and the rent is payable in 2 installments of 52 months in the beginning and 5 years in second installments. We hope with this we will be able to accommodate up to 8 volunteers and 15 children on two of the homes. This new home is situated just on the right side of the current home, in the walking distance of less then a minute.

New Home Under Construction

(Mar 2010)  New home that is to be rented by TEAM Nepal from the Nepali New year (Somewhere from Mid April) is now nearly ready for use. This home will be used for the Volunteers as well as to accommodate maximum of 15 childrens, the Head Office of TEAM Nepal will also be situated in the same home. President Neel is all set to go for the agreement as soon as the finishing of the building is complete.

New School Building Inaugurated

(Dec  2009)  (The three roomed school building of Shree Terse Secondary School in Talamarang was inagurated by the twins (Ganga nd Jamuna) of Talamarang Child home today. The coordinator for the building construction form TEAM Nepal, Neel Bahadur Shahi, Doc from Nagarhope Nepal and both the staff and the students were present in the occassion. Irish donors for the Nagarhope Nepal, villagers and represenattive from community were present on the occassion. Similarly officer to coordinate Secondary School’s also was present on the occassion.
The three roomed building will be used for the kinder garden students, which is the first practice of Talamarang School among the community schools in entire district. The total cost of the building construction was Nrs : 817078/- except the value of community assistance.

Water Tap Constructed

(Oct 2009)  Shree Batase Secondary School situated in the walking distance of two hours from theTalamarang is now in the list of the Community School we have heled. The semi completed school building was furnished with the windows and doors with the help of donations from TEAM Nepal. Deana Zabaldo, an expert Trekking Guide to Nepal from USA has collected those donations to buy those materials. Apart from that same school has got another good news for the children, we have helped them to construct the Drinking Water Tap beside the school building. Now the students are able to drink the direct water from the spring. This wqater tap was constructed with the partial help of Mr and Mrs David Lingren and Illana Schatz from USA.

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