Neel Shahi has business in Thamel, the major tourist attractions of Kathmandu, Nepal.  This tourist place helps him to connect the local community with the outside world (customers from different countries) through TEAM Nepal.  51 years old Neel is the resident of Talamarang and a successful businessman in Thamel. He has been running handicraft (Rainbow Thanka Gallery) business for 29 years now. He didn’t have opportunity for study during childhood because his father died when he was only 15 months. Then mother had hard time taking care of all children alone, When he left home at the age of 10 year, he just took 5 pathi (approx 25 kgs) of rice and few coins to eat before he find the job in Kathmandu. Luckily, he found job within a week, with and encountering with a lot of ups and downs in 7 years; he understood the importance of education. He used to earn $1 a month that time working very hard every day. Then someone observing his hard work offered him to be a partner in new business, and he has been running the same thanka business for 29th year now. Then his business partner Sunil’s wife was aware about his hard work, one day offered him to become the partner in new business. Then he has been running same thanka business for 29th year now. Then he is also able to give back to community, by helping schools, health institutions and children with poor family background. This is also why we have been strongly focusing on quality education and child protection projects.  He can be reached at 453, Narshing Chowk, Thamel, Kathmandu, (

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