TEAM Nepal Volunteers

Trekking to Shermathang

Volunteers knocking down the old house on children home land.


Our July group this year consisted of nine eager and determined volunteers. With seven females and two males the duration was filled with hard work and thorough enjoyment.

Upon arrival the nine volunteers were delighted to be greeted by our fifteen children, two house mothers and one teacher from the Children’s Home. Shortly after, they climbed one by one up the mountain to continue progress on the New Land.

Work on the New Land this month involved leveling the land to the front and to the side  of the house, knocking down the neighbouring house, moving and creating a large pile of rocks and digging out and clearing the existing trench.Nepal Volunteers

The July group of volunteers were not only left with hard work in the New Land but also spent many fun-filled hours with the children, such as teaching lessons, face painting, sports days, watching movies, quizzes, numerous of parties and singsongs.

Outside the Children’s Home, the volunteers got a taste for Nepali culture. This involved helping to plant rice in local rice fields. They also managed to part-take in a five hour fasting Pilgrimage up past Palchock where they got to experience the Hindu Religion by viewing various sacrifices and prayer.

Towards the end of their visit to Talamerang, Neel generously brought all nine vol

Volunteers planting rice in local rice fields.

unteers on a three-day trek through Langton National Park. Unfortunately due to continuous rainfall, climbing height was capped at 3500 metres. Regardless of the weather, it was quickly revived by the delicious tasting food and hot showers. To top of the three day trekking adventure, the volunteers returned to Talamerang on the roof top of the bus – an experience  in the least that will  never be forgotten!!

All and all the July group of volunteers have wrapped up their time in Nepal as an amazing, unforgettable and indescribable experience, keeping all who they have met and all their experiences encountered at heart.

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